The Tunnel house Inn

The Famous Tunnel House Inn

Hidden down a long, tree lined track, this secluded gem has a long and colourful history and is in itself a famous local landmark.

Built in the 1780s alongside the Thames & Severn Canal, the pub has seen and refreshed navvies, leggers, canal folk, agricultural students, racehorse owners, gentry, crooks, polo players, chancers, generations of locals and seen its fair share of Cotswold life.

Traditional in feel, the Tunnel House will enchant you as the perfect place to relax beside a roaring fire in winter or to bask in the sun during the summer.

the tunnel house inn exterior front wide view
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We welcome everyone

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The Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman’s daughter, Candida Lycett Green’s description of the Tunnel House in 1992 still rings true:

“Along the bar and around the two log fires are the most eclectic mix of people and objects imaginable. Hearty fresh faced Cirencester students, arty bearded and crocheted craftsmen, their women in felt hats with babies on their hips, horse girls in puffas and jods with Jilly Cooper giggles, local farm workers with tractor oil up to their armpits and nattily suited estate agents from Tetbury. There are piles of old copies of Hello!, stuffed weasels and otters, mad sofas, redundant dentists’ chairs, copper pans, old advertising signs, carnations in cut-glass vases, juke-box and fruit machines (seemingly soundless and on their lowest volume at lunch time anyway), good stew, postcards of pert gigantic breasts on sunny beaches and photographs of racehorses winning at Cheltenham….”

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